The best testosterone supplements are essential in contributing to musle growth, sexual development and health, fat loss and other aspects of health for both women and men.

Testosterone is important and plays more significant role in men than women.

Men tends to have higher levels and this level fall in men as they grow in age.

In United States, health factors and lifestyle habits play a role in overall drop in testosterone levels.

There are various supplements that can boost testosterone levels either

  • To increase testosterone
  • Prevent the body from converting testosterone into estrogen, or
  • Increase related hormones directly.

What are the best testosterone supplements

Here are 9 of the best testosterone boosting supplements.

1. Testogen

Testogen is the overall best supplement product to boost testosterone and increase its levels.

As one of the best testosterone supplements you can find on sthe market and based on users reviews, testogen does not currently have any side effects.

With TestoGen you can lose weight and gain muscle after using it for few weeks.

How long does TestoGen take to work?

You will see improvement of your testosterone levels within 2 weeks of using TestoGen as long as you follow manufacturers’ instructions.

Research has proven that consumers of TestoGen seen a 45% improvement of their testosterone levels within weeks of using TestoGen testosterone sbooster.

Is Testogen the best testosterone booster?

TestoGen is a natural supplement and is the best natural ingredients to boost your testosterone.

As a highly recommended testosterone supplement booster, TestoGen does not have side effects and its natural ingredients are essential to produce healthy testosterone in your body.

Is TestoGen a steroid?

TestoGen is not a steroid nor should it be abused. As a natural supplement made from all natural ingredients, TestoGen can be used if you experience loss of libido and it is essential to produce healthy testosterone.

Does TestoGen build muscles?

TestoGen can build muscle gain by burning fat and improves lean muscles.

This supplement will increase your stamina and help you achieve vitality, strength, good stamina and athletic body within weeks.

As an highly effective natural ingredient, TestoGen is great for body building, athletics, and endurance events.

It can also boost your energy and stamina easily and safely.

Benefits of TestoGen 

  • Helps increase your testosterone levels
  • Helps in fat burning so you can have a chiseled body.
  • Improves lean muscles and with muscle gain you will have an athletic body.
  • Improves your focus, mood, and concentration
  • Gives you harder erections, increases libido and longer stay power
  • Increase your strength, vitality, and good stamina
  • Excellent supplement for body building
  • Helps in the production of hormones, including testosterone.
  • It reverses hypogonadism
  • It helps you with weight loss
  • Improve your sexual performance

2. Prime Male

Prime male is a natural testosterone booster supplement that helps to maintain healthy body, improve your mood, energy, stamina, lean muscles, fat loss and libido.

This supplement is often used by body builders to increase strength and cognitive functions as well as increase sex drive. 

3. D–Aspartic Acid

The D-Aspartic Acid is a great testosterone booster supplement and contains amino acid found in two forms.

D–Aspartic acid is a natural amino acid that can boost low testosterone levels by increasing follicle stimulating hormone levels and luteinizing hormone, which stimulates Leydig cells in the testes to produce more testosterone.

The D-Aspartic acid usually works within weeks to months of taking your fist dose.

D-Aspartic acid works by stimulating testosterone producing hormones

However a research study in 2017 found that D-aspartic acid neither raised testosterone level nor resistance training outcomes.

Furthermore, there is an inconclusive research into whether D-aspartic acid can help individuals with impaired sexual function or with low testosterone.

4. Vitamin D 

One study found a correlation between low testosterone and deficiency in vitamin D.

If you increase your vitamin D stores, it may improve your sperm quality just by boosting testosterone.

5. TestoFuel

Testofuel is a powerful testosterone booster supplement that works to increase the production of testosterone and other benefits.

Testofuel has a potent formula and consistent with clinical studies in terms of dosages and ingredients.

Like TestoGen, Testofuel offers benefits such as strengthen your sexual desire, muscle gains, more energetic and confidence.

It also increases your testosterone and improves your mood and libido.

6. Fenugreek

Fenugreek, according to a 2011 study affected sexual function and quality of life, improvements in strength.

Fenugreek extract is a popular herb-based supplement that can enhance testosterone levels.

Taking 500g of fenugreek daily may have boost sexual function in men with low and normal testosterone level.

7. Ginger

Ginger is a household spice with medicinal value and potential health benefits.

Ginger may increase sperm count in men with infertility and also boost testosterone levels.

A recent study shows that after 3 months of taking ginger, 75 men with infertility experienced a 17% increase in testosterone level as well as double increase in luteinizing hormone.


DHEA is one of the most common testosterone supplement boosters on the market; it benefits age people with low testosterone levels or low DHEA.

Although some research had it that taking DHEA supplements may boost testosterone levels in age people but the use of DHEA is banned in professional sports.

Its performance and effects aren’t clear however, the research results are mixed

9. Zinc

Research on zinc as essential mineral has found links between Zinc and testosterone levels as well as men’s sexual health.

Taking zinc is effective among people with low testosterone levels and 220 mg of zinc sulfate a day for 1-4 months can benefit men with infertility and low testosterone levels.

10. Ashwagandha

One study tested the benefits of Ashwagandha on sperm quality in men with infidelity

The participants of this study experienced a 10-22% increase in testosterone levels after taking 5 grams per day for 3 months.

Do testosterone boosters really work?

Yes testosterone boosters really work and do exist by increasing testosterone levels by 20 – 25%.

Research has found that you can boost your testosterone with a life-changing and transformation booster or testosterone supplement like TestoGen, which offers a 300% increase minimum.

What does Testosterone Do?

Testosterone is a sex hormone in the body that regulate libido (sex drive), production of sperms and red blood cells, fat distribution, strength and mass muscle, and bone mass in men.

Testosterone also treats symptoms of sexual dysfunction in women and men with potential benefits to increase sense of well-being.

Which food increase testosterone the most?

Here are 8 best foods that boost low testosterone

1. Ginger

Ginger may increase testosterone levels and improve male fertility.

A 2012 study found that taking a ginger supplement daily for 3 months increase by 17.7% the testosterone levels in a group of 75 adult male with fertility issues.

2. Onions

Onions may increase low level of testosterone as well as provide many health benefits such as good sources of several antioxidants and nutrients.

3. Oysters

Oysters contain more zinc and are important for reproductive function and sperm health.

Oysters are required for males with severe zinc deficiency and hypogonadism issues which cause the body not to produce enough testosterone.

4. Extra-virgin olive oil

Olive oil is a top staple of the Mediterranean diet and extra-virgin olive oil may improve and boost serum testosterone levels in healthy adult men.

5. Pomegranates

A 2012 study’s result and test show that pomegranate may boost testosterone in women and men.

It can also improve blood pressure and mood as well as increase salivary testosterone levels in male and female.

6. Leafy green vegetables

Leafy green vegetables such as kale, swiss chard, and spinach are very rich in magnesium – which is a mineral that increases testosterone level in the body.

Other great dietary sources of magnesium include:

  • Whole grains
  • Seeds and nuts
  • Lentils and beans

7. Fortified plant milks

Fortified plant milk is a healthy source of vitamin D which is an important nutrient that may increase the levels of testosterone in men.

8. Fish oil and fatty fish

Fatty fish are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and are essential to boost fatty acid levels in people that take fish oil or omega-3 supplements.

Should a 60 year old man take testosterone?

A 60 year old man may take testosterone supplements to help boost its levels.

In men 60 and older, testosterone levels in their blood often drop.

A recent study and test involving men 60 years of age indicate that testosterone treatment for 5 months improve the bone markers of older men.

Is Taking Testosterone Dangerous?

Taking testosterone supplements is not dangerous as many research and clinical studies have proven their benefits to the body.

However, testosterone therapy comes with various risks of taking without following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Such dangerous risks may include:

  • Causing skin reactions and acne
  • Worsening sleep apnea
  • Growth of existing prostate cancer
  • Benign prostatic hyperplasia
  • Stimulating noncancerous growth of the prostate
  • Sleep disorder where breathing stops and starts repeatedly.
  • Additionally, abusing testosterone supplements may have fatal side effects.

Do testosterone boosters work?

Testosterone boosters do work as they boost sex drive in cases of hypogonadism and low testosterone, restore your masculinity, healthy heart, improved mood, better libido, spatial abilities, strong bones, and less fat, more muscle gains, stamina during extensive exercise, and mathematical reasoning, etc.

Best testosterone Boosters

What are the Best testosterone Boosters?

1. Testofuel – Testofuel is the Best testosterone booster to increase muscle gains or growth.

The ingredients used to produce Testosterone hormones in the body come with the following benefits:

  • Reduces fatigue
  • Increase muscle
  • Positively affects your sex drive
  • Promote healthy sleep

However, some users have complained that its price is on the high side compared to other testosterone supplements.

2. Test RX
3. EVL Test
4. HunterTest
5. TestoMax
6. Tribulus Terrestris


Again, our number one best recommended Testosterone Supplements for 2021 is Testogen.

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